iOS Developers Can Reply to App Store Review – Here How It Works

iOS Developers Can Reply to App Store Review – Here How It Works

Apple released iOS 10.3 and MacOS 10.12.4 to the public on March 27, 2017, and with the launch of this latest iOS version, it appears the third major update of the operating system iOS 10. This latest version iOS 10.3 was in the testing phase since January 24 and now it is available for free to update for the users of iOS 10 and it can be downloaded through iTunes. Moreover, Xcode 8.3 is also available with support for iOS 10.3, swift 3.1, MacOS 10.12.4, watchOS 3.2 andtvOS 10.2. this newly updated version of iOS 10 includes major additions and added design amendments. It’s very beneficial for developers as it includes a special feature that enables them to respond the reviews of their customers.

Opportunity for Developers to Respond to App Store Reviews

There are several suggestions given by Apple for developers on how they can answer to their user’s review.

Don’t Use Spamming – Developers are instructed to follow the terms and conditions of Apple when replying to customer’s review. Use of spamming, profanity or posting personal information is prohibited.

Usage of Clear Tone to Communicate – The developers who have worked on feedback or response will be considered ideal only if it is brief and focus on the customer’s query or feedback. The language should be easy and appreciable while explaining your product or service. You must maintain the tone of communication in case, more than one person in the same company responding to the customer reviews of your app.

Can Give Priority To Reviews– During iPhone app development developers should give importance to reviews based on the level of significance.

Review Process – The feedback from the developers should go through a certain review process before the response posted on the app store.

Filter Facility – Developer can reply on the reviews under app -> Activity -> Rating and Reviews on iTunes Connect. They can also use filters to find reviews of users to understand the new markets.

Live interaction with your users for review – With the use of the SKStoreReviewController API, developers can ask users to review or rate an app while they are using it, without any communication with the App Store. It benefits developers to collect the reviews and ratings from their target audience.

User’s Benefit with The New Updated Version

Users have the decision to mark reviews as “helpful” or “not helpful” in the application store for their survey feedback keeping in mind the end goal to upgrade the significance of survey substance. Besides, Apple additionally searches for restricting the quantity of times (just three times in a year) developers ask for a review. It likewise plans to add a possibility for clients to kill application audit ask for feedback at the same time. Yet, till that period, clients need to sit tight for these components.

Users will get an email alert once the designer reacts to their review. With an answer from the developers, the email likewise asks with the connection regarding refresh the audit like “Would you like to refresh your survey?” and in addition, you can likewise contact the developers.

Besides, Apple has likewise said that developers can’t offer incentives to users keeping in mind the end goal to change the review evaluations on your reaction.


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