Do You Think Apple Store is More Secured than Google Play Store?

Do You Think Apple Store is More Secured than Google Play Store?

People are well aware of the malicious threat affect their computer but very few realize that their mobile is also very lucrative for the cyber criminals for malware.

Hackers attack smartphones through apps, often ones which are useful but actually aim to steal data or in a guise of ransomware, pay up or force users.

Both iOS and Android app development gadgets are managed by programmers, yet information recommends there is more Android malware available for use than for iOS; a current report by F-Secure goes so far as to state 99 percent of all malware that aims mobile devices is intended for Android.

Why Is Malware Still Sneaking Into Google Play?

Android is attractive for malware as it holds a larger share of the mobile market. Moreover, iOS are more secured and are difficult to compromise than the open source android platform.

iOS strongly discouraged their users from downloading apps from anywhere other than Apple’s app store. Apple has managed their store to make it nearly malware-free. Meanwhile, Android user can download apps from a range of app store. Even Google can’t control hackers from posting rogue apps completely.

Google have seen multiple instances of malware being available to download for users. Many malware apps like Skinner adware and Data-stealing Charger ransomware have been there for months lurking in the store. A Recent case shows, cyber criminals tricked around 1.5 million people into installing apps to snip their Instagram credentials. There was also a Trojan malware managed to find its way into Google Play store trick people into giving five-star reviews to stop pop-up.

Google’s app submission process is less restraining which leads almost everyone to develop and upload an app. The developers need to pay $25 fee to list as a Google Play Developer. Apple, on the other hand, go through a rigorous enrollment process and stringent review process to become a certified developer and a chance of getting an app into the App Store.

Though Google’s open source philosophy is good and any developers can share app via open market but these facilities vastly exploited by cyber criminals. It gives the criminals the liberty to launch an app on Google Play and infect Android phones more easily than iPhones.

Referring Trojan malware in Google App Store that steals user data, Dioniso Zumerle, Research Director on mobile security at Gartner said,” “It’s not easy to gain permission for your app to send SMS on iOS, but on Android, it’s much easier to access these permissions. That’s why you have a lot of these SMS grabbers, which cause problems for Android,” He also added, “The openness of Android, which provides a lot of benefits for users, also provides some issues for security.”

Google is Fighting!

Google imposes security checks on their new apps. Apps are automatically scanned for potentially malicious codes and from spam developer accounts. According to Google, only 0.05 percent of users had been infected with malware.

In conclusion, Google is keeping up with their suave performance but cyber criminals are a way too clever and are always looking for new security holes to exploit. Organizations and individuals need to stay alert for any potential threat.


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