A Social Media Strategy to Build Your Startup in 5 Steps

A Social Media Strategy to Build Your Startup in 5 Steps

The hardest part of any startup isn’t creating the product or service itself but communicating what it is, what it does and why people should know or care about it. Many companies struggle with brand identity and marketing the product or service and that is the very reason why they often fail. The reason behind this failure is the lack of awareness in the marketplace.
Social media considered one of the cost effective medium of increasing brand awareness for your startup. But social media is NOT free advertising. Facebook and other social media sites are more saturated with all kind of content and you need to be strategic enough to get noticed and increase your brand awareness.

1. Secure Handles

Reliability and simplicity are key to securing your social handles. Many startups sometimes overlook this crucial step. If your company’s name is “Parker’s Cafe” then the ideal social media handle would be @parkerscafe for all social media platforms. The unique URL for Facebook would be Facebook.com/parkerscafe. Don’t use apostrophes, quotes, and commas in a social handle, Instagram, or Twitter as they don’t work there.

It’s important to secure the same handle name across all social media platform. Putting @parkerscafe on your company’s material will streamline your marketing effort, promote your social channels and nurture engagement by asking customers to remember just one concise handle.

2. Build a Content Strategy

You always want your content to be more engaging, consistent, and intentional; not random and haphazard. Before launching post on your company’s social media account, it’s imperative to build content strategy and distribution calendar. Many startups quickly find themselves too busy to post, bereft of new ideas and content, or missing out on opportunities to take advantage of trending topic/events that are pertinent to your brand.

You should plan the content posting according to daily basis and on important occasion. For example, you can arrange “Monday Motivation”, “Pro-Tip Tuesday” and “Fun Friday” etc. where you can share an entertaining photo, valuable content or videos showing off your company culture or give props to esteemed customers.

3. Go Live!

The most fun of the process to go active and begin posting on a regular basis as per your content calendar. But it isn’t what you post but how well you are interacting with your followers when they engage. Going live is a good way to gain traffic organically by encouraging your employees, friends, and family members to follow all the social accounts and interact with the content by liking/ sharing/commenting and retweeting the content. It’s like edifying a relationship, nurture it and it will flourish.

4. Boost

As mentioned earlier, Social media is no longer free. Facebook has especially so saturated with content and it is very crucial to break out of the clutter and be original. Part of your strategy includes boosting content; means paying to highlight it in the newsfeed who don’t follow your page yet. Large companies boost their every post for a few thousand dollars. Even a small budget for a small startup can create a big difference in social media development and engagement.

5. Rinse and Repeat

You have now created an effective social media strategy, a publishing schedule and recognize the ROI of boosting the content but you should not go on dark. It’s important to continue creating compelling content and share it on regular basis. Your engagement will begin to drop the moment you become irregular, shudder and disappear for a while. Stay consistent and be brave to experiment with new content ideas and new ways of sharing things.


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