Mobile Apps Vs. Mobile Web – What is The Better Choice?

Mobile Apps Vs. Mobile Web – What is The Better Choice?

Mobile apps and mobile web serve a useful purpose and both have their share of limitations in terms of matching the needs of the users in each context. There have been debates on the demise of a mobile web at the hand of apps. But who is winning? The reality is both are staying in the market and it’s a mistake to beat one against the other. They both serve a useful purpose and have their limitations in terms of meeting the needs of users in a given context. Let’s ponder on some key facts.

The Biggest Brands Covered It All!

Mobile apps signify a small fraction of the total mobile revenue for all but a small amount of the biggest brands. Amazon has more app income than mobile web revenue. Walmart is also competing with more app-centric revenue.

Apps are developed for the loyal customers of retailers.  So, despite a generic application, retailers give VIP program for their best customers that are delivered through an app. These initiatives not only drive more revenue from the customers but also make their experience better. This mobile browser versus apps discussion is about audience segmentation and user behavior patterns. Apps are perfect for nurturing loyalty and mobile web is for reach and convenience.

Mobile Web Is for Reach where Apps Are for Loyal Users

Consumers today spend more than 85 percent of their time on smartphones using native apps but 84 percent is spent on particular five apps. These five apps change or vary from person to person. These top five apps may include social media, gaming, or some instant messaging apps. It isn’t easy to create loyal app users with 69 percent of users opening an app 10 times or less. Localytics’s analysis says that a quarter is using the app just once after downloading it.

A consumer may have one or two retailer shopping app (e.g. Amazon, Walmart) on her phone though she shops from many stores. She won’t download ten different apps on her phone. She will search and browse to find information from retailers.

User Interface

From a mobile user’s perspective, some web apps and native apps look and work in the same manner with little difference between them. You would choose between these two types of an app when you must choose whether to develop an application-centric app or a user-centric app. Many companies develop both the web and native app. It would also widen the reach of their app while offering an overall user experience.

Making Money on App

Certain mobile device manufacturers may put restrictions on integrating services with certain mobile ad platforms and networks as app monetization with native apps are complicated. Web applications enable you to monetize app by way of charging membership fees, paid advertisement and so on. However, app store takes care of the revenue and commissions. Regarding the native apps, you need to setup your own payment system in case of a web app.

Whether you want to develop the web or native app, consider all the above-mentioned aspects. In case your budget allows you to, you can also choose to develop both the apps for your business.


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