Nadella to Integrate CRM Solution into LinkedIn Gives Sales Navigator an Enterprise Boost

Nadella to Integrate CRM Solution into LinkedIn Gives Sales Navigator an Enterprise Boost

Microsoft has owned LinkedIn, the social network for the working world and adding more features to provide more services tapping into its user base of more than 465 million professionals. Microsoft acquisition is not the big theme in the town but pointing to why salesforce was interested in buying it also the talk of the time. The big question arises in the growing game of “Social Sales”, who will regulate the virtual Rolodex.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told Reuters that Microsoft is introducing upgrades to its sales software that integrates data from LinkedIn and have a long-term strategy for building dedicated business software. The improvement of Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s sales software is a challenge to and signify the major product initiative to the coil from Microsoft’s $26 billion acquisition of LinkedIn which is a business focused social network.

The new features will work through a salesperson’s calendar, email, and relationships to help measure how to change their relationship in with a potential customer. The system will help to save an at-risk deal, like calling in a co-worker who is associated with the customer on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions of LinkedIn give you the authority to view LinkedIn information about contacts, accounts, leads and opportunities directly in the Dynamics CRM. You won’t need to switch between multiple tabs and browsers to gather key connections, profile and activity information about your potential leads and accounts.

Specifications to use LinkedIn for Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

• You’ll need to enable JavaScript in your browser.

• You must have both Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, 2013, 2015, or 2016 and a LinkedIn Sales Navigator Team account.

• Before you start using the application, your Dynamics CRM administrator must install the application and give you with access.

Profound Product Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Find below are the great experience from the new integrations between Dynamics 365 and Sales Navigator for Sales delivers.

• It will display sales navigator person and company information on every account, Dynamics contact, lead, and opportunity page.

• You can write and select Sales Navigator activities (messages, mail, call logs and notes) to Dynamics 365 With a single click.

• It will give daily updates between systems so the contacts and accounts sales replies are actively working on in Dynamics 365 are automatically saved in Sales Navigators. Sales representatives can see what people and companies are already saved in Dynamics and vice-versa in Sales Navigators.

Fascinating offer in the CRM Market

LinkedIn and Microsoft sales teams will start trading the Microsoft Relationship sales Solution on 1st July 2017 which is a new offer that combines LinkedIn Sales Navigators Team Edition and Microsoft’s dynamics 365. It starts at $135 per seat per month before the volume discount. This is by far the most compelling offer of its kind in the entire CRM industry today.

Nadella is under constant pressure to display that the costly LinkedIn acquisition in mid-2016 was valuable. Founder of analyst firm Constellation Research, R “Ray” Wang said LinkedIn-powered features that combined with popular programs like Office and Skype, could help.

He said, “Microsoft is putting together the contextual business data people need to be more efficient and build better relationships.”


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