Which Is Better, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Customer Relationship Management(CRM) is one of the most mature business software available in the market today. CRM evolved the whole customer relationship system from small custom contact management tools from wide-ranging enterprise information portals.

Enterprises and marketplace are teaming with online CRM management services that allow them to connect with customers and employee in a more dynamic way. But all systems are not equal and makes it really tough for an organization to choose a solution that matches their budget, customer and business requirements. Among many mega-vendors that acquire a large market-share, this post compares two of the major players in the CRM market: Salesforce vs Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Cost is always the biggest factor and CRM systems are no different. Any enterprise will naturally look at the cost while implementing a CRM solution. In this case, the cost of Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM is much lower than Salesforce’s. Let’s find out in details –

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Salesforce
Add-on Functionality Low cost Added cost
Storage Cost Half of Salesforce Twice of Dynamics CRM
MobileService No added charges for full featured app Mobile Express Mobile Lite has limited features available for free. All key functionalities are premium
User-subscriptions Flexible A Fixed number of subscriptions must be bought

The table above shows that Dynamic CRM seems to be the more cost-effective option.


Microsoft acquired MarketPilot and with further clarification, it introduced Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (MDM) that provides insights into customer data, deliver comprehensive customer engagement process, tangible results through automated multi-channel campaigns. Dynamic CRM also offers unique value through Marketing Resource Management (MRM). However, Salesforce acquires ExactTarget and Pardot that delivers customer-specific service. It includes services like email marketing and marketing automation.  Salesforce allows marketing managers to manage campaigns and customer relationships on the go.

User Experience

Dynamics CRM’s user interface has modified over the years and delivers a modern user experience. It delivers apt user preference and modified stylesheets, themes, tabs, and typography. Where Salesforce combines a simple user interface and application utility that matches customer demands. It has a smooth user interface and customizable.


Dynamics CRM combined Adxstudio, Parature, and FieldOne and offer a single solution. It offers field service, assisted service, support for professional Dynamics CRM services and self-services. While Salesforce offers excellent knowledge management, case management, and social service capabilities.

Cloud plus On-premises Services

Salesforce is available as Cloud based CRM while Dynamics CRM can be arranged both on-premise and in the cloud. Moreover, customers can buy both the versions and migrate easily from on premise to cloud based deployment and vice versa.

Business Intelligence

A business intelligence software named Salesforce Analytics Cloud is powered by Wave and influences cloud and mobile technology to transport more secure and powerful data. There are numerous third-party solutions available on App Exchange though it lacks data integration tools. It also requires you to learn a proprietary language that can sustain additional cost on a monthly subscription.

So, Salesforce can help you in keeping customer data in the cloud and allows your IT employees to focus on their project. But, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is perfect for your business as it offers better pricing and widely used by groundbreaking enterprises.


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