How Can You Protect Yourself Against Ransomware With A Solid Backup System?

How Can You Protect Yourself Against Ransomware With A Solid Backup System?

Data backups always save your skin from all crooked IT mishaps or having a virus attack through your hard drive. You must be backing everything up. All credit goes to the recent splurge of ransomware attacks, it’s the perfect time to evaluate your backup system. Be prepared for some malicious malware locked up your computer.

What is Ransomware and How does it Work?

Ransomware is a malware from a part of the larger Rogueware. It includes scams like scareware, fake antivirus and Ransomware is the most serious from all. If you face Ransomware attack then you can lose a huge amount of data that include photographs, videos and work-related files you might have on your computer. Your identity can be stolen and fall victim to extortion. It will ask for payment to unlock the encrypted data. You can sometimes remove Ransomware with enough time and effort, but it depends on how well it’s been coded. The average ransomware demands $679.

The cyber-criminals lay traps all over the internet in the form of fake links, infected pop-up ads, and dubious websites. If you click on any of these uncertain traps, the hackers can quickly gain control over your computer and encrypt your data for ransom. Once they have control of your data, they can use every method to make you make pay them to get your data back.

How can you protect yourself from Ransomware attacks?

You must be vigilant and take extra care while clicking on unknown links, visiting websites or opening unknown attachments. A god practice is to not trust anybody and never open any attachments from anywhere you are not familiar with. There are a number of important steps you can take to protect yourself against these malicious attacks.

Have a reputable antivirus program and firewall installed on your computer. If you update your antivirus program on a regular basis, it will be difficult to gain control of your computer by cyber-criminals. On an important note, keep all your software up to date as cyber-criminals can exploit security flaws in older versions of programs.

Moreover, another important step to take backup of every data and file using a cloud-based service, a hard drive or preferably both. You are still vulnerable to identity theft but it’s still important to have a strong antivirus program installed on your machine.

The final step is to check your pop-up blocker is enabled. Ransomware hackers specifically use popups as their main weapon. It is easy to click on a popup even if you are feeling irritated to close it down. What makes it harder to avoid when hackers put fake ‘X’ buttons that lead you to fall for malware. These ads are virtual hazards and so should just be evaded at all costs.

Should you become victim to a Ransomware attack? You can’t pay your way out of problems so easily. Paying will lead to further extortion and even it will not result in your data being recovered. Report these kinds of incidents to the authorities and meanwhile disconnect your machine from the internet to avoid further hassles.


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