What is a Better Choice for an eCommerce Website – Custom or Open Source Platform?

What is a Better Choice for an eCommerce Website – Custom or Open Source Platform?

Choosing a custom CMS vs. open source CMS for your Ecommerce web development company is one of the most important decisions to make regarding its website. Content management varies from one technology to other while selecting an open source or a custom platform. First, you must understand what each CMS alternative has to propose before determining the best option for your business. You need to comprehend what your team needs from a CMS solution.

Overview of Custom CMS vs. Open Source CMS

There are several differences between custom and open source content management systems.

A custom CMS is an exclusive solution that is created exclusively for one company or one’s use. Your business or service firm has the full control over the platform’s functionality, updates, and interfaces with a custom CMS. With the use of the custom solution, the system’s design, workflow, and usability can be personalized to any business or department’s specific needs.

Open source CMS such as Drupal, WordPress or Joomla, has the underlying code which is publicly available and editable. You can redistribute, copied and modified the open source solutions for a number of applications. The broader online community often updates these systems. They can freely update the software and add new features.

How to Choose: Custom CMS vs. Open Source CMS

There are various components that affect the choice to run with a custom or open source CMS. Here are a couple of points to consider while exploring that decision for your firm:

In-house IT assets

Open source CMS stages give boundless potential outcomes to including new layers of usefulness, however rolling out these improvements needs a high level of development expertise that a few organizations don’t have in-house. While picking a CMS, it’s essential to genuinely assess regardless of whether your organization has the assets to take advantage of an open source platform.

User profiles

The roles and needs of your organization’s essential CMS clients ought to assume a huge part in the determination of your CMS stage. Certain sorts of CMS are excessively specialized for advertisers, making it impossible to oversee all alone, driving them to depend on IT staff to help with coding, transferring and altering content. In the event that your marketing group can’t deal with the CMS without outside support, your opportunity to advertise for new substance crusades may back off drastically.

Financial plan

As with most real technology purchases, the cost can be a deciding component in picking a CMS. Open source CMS options are frequently accessible at no or minimal effort, however, organizations that depend on them may wind up putting more in IT staffing or third-party advancement support to alter and grow the framework later on. The forthright cost of a custom CMS shifts relying upon whether it’s worked in-house or by a service firm, however, the expanded control over the stage may lessen upkeep costs after some time.


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