CMS or PHP Framework? Four Questions to Ask

CMS or PHP Framework? Four Questions to Ask

For website or mobile app development, first, you need to decide whether you want to use a content management system (CMS) or a PHP framework. Making the incorrect decision can lead to a host of a problem for your project. Choosing a PHP framework like Laravel when you need is an out-of-the-box CMS like Shopify is a recipe for wasted money and time. This article will give a basic checklist for opting CMS or PHP framework.

  1. What’s is the difference between a CMS and PHP framework?

A CMS allows users to develop access and change the content of the website or app. It cooperates with your backend code and making alterations to functionality and content. Most popular CMS like Drupal and WordPress, are used to manage the visual content of the website. A CMS, on the other hand, can be used to alter any aspect of an app’s code.

A framework is a custom code, user-written that works within a predefined set of rules. This framework allows developers to develop applications and modules using core library function. It uses PHP as the primary programming languages. It also consists of other frameworks to add support for several features. Developers can build a more customized website working with the frameworks. But the site must be designed and maintained exclusively by the IT team. Technical users generally the actual users of this framework. A non-technical user will be confused in the programming language of the website. Popular PHP frameworks are including Laravel, Zend, CodeIgniter Framework.

How much control do you need?

The benefit of using a framework is the unparalleled level of customization and control it offers. If you are building a website using a CMS, WordPress for example, you are bound by the limits of particular application. In CMS, programming code is already written and building functionality can be time-consuming and sometimes impossible.

If you don’t need a high degree of flexibility, then an out-of-the-box CMS can be significant. For example, CMS like Shopify for building an E-Commerce store, Vanilla for building a forum etc. cuts the need for advanced web development.

PHP frameworks are more flexible. If you don’t require advanced functionality, opt for a popular CMS.

How important is security?

A properly-maintained framework with average security features will accomplish better than a poorly-updated CMS with robust built-in security. It is detected that 61% of hacked WordPress sites were out-of-date at the time of infection.

If your website or app needs unique security functions, a framework will offer the best foundation for applying tailor-made features. For accessibility, you can choose CMSs as it is more useful for generic projects, the large community to identifying weaknesses in open-source code. Frameworks rarely give significant security benefits over content management systems.

Do you want an easy access?

With frameworks, unless you have a custom-made CMS, you should depend on your tech group for any progressions. In a huge endeavor, where the tech office can react rapidly to solicitations, this isn’t generally an issue. Yet, smaller businesses that depend on a light-footed structure and where workers are in charge of a scope of differing errands will frequently require simple entry.

It’s additionally critical to keep the training required for representatives without a specialized foundation as the main priority. For more unpredictable CMSs, the learning curve can be critical, particularly with regards to altering content past the essentials.

CMS are less demanding to use however there are possibilities for those that desire to consolidate adaptability effortlessly of-utilization.

How huge is your budget?

An out-of-the-box CMS will constantly be more affordable than a framework. Besides development costs, an application that has been custom-worked with a system will have particular necessities as far as updates, security and any code-level changes for future renditions. This isn’t the situation with a CMS, where updates and security features will be taken care of. Be that as it may, it’s critical to recollect that the beginning figure is regularly high, especially because of more broad applications.

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