What’s In Store For E-Commerce in 2016?

What’s In Store For E-Commerce in 2016?

The concept of physically visiting a store is slowly eradicating now, as the world is moving towards a faster technology. There is a digital wave, which is sweeping all across the world and is making things easier for the current as well as the next generation. E-Commerce has brought a new phase of development in shopping over the years. Like every year, this year proved to be fruitful and there is no doubt that 2016 will witness a new era in E-commerce development.

2015 is coming to an end. According to an AT Kearney report, E-commerce sales jumped up to 20% this year as compared to 2014. The industry also entered into new geographical areas and captured the untapped market over the world. With its significant growth, e-commerce is giving the traditional brick and mortar store a tough competition as more and more people depending on a website in order to purchase items starting from groceries to apparels and furniture.

If you are a marketer or an e-commerce web development company, who is into online business, then it is important to know about the trends that are going to rule next year. What are the factors that will drive in more e-commerce business opportunities for you in 2016?


We present to you some of the factors, which will help you to device your e-commerce business strategy

Mobile phones to rule: Smartphones and tablets are ruling the market of e-commerce as most of the users are taking the help of mobile phones to access the internet leaving behind desktops. eMarketer did a survey and found out that the average conversion of traffic through a Smartphone accounted for about 7.7%, whereas the tablets accounted for 1.18% conversion rate. Hence, the user experience and design of a website will play an important role. Moreover, you should also make your website more mobile friendly.

Rich Content: Most of the visitors turned away from the website as they were unable to find the right product description. A brief product description gives confidence to the customer that he or she is buying the right product. There should be proper guidelines related of the product, which should explain the shipping policy, return policy and any other important information related to the product. Moreover, high-resolution images will also help the customer to get a look of the product. Hence, this is an important factor to keep in mind for e-commerce.

The rise of Direct and Marketplace: Marketplace and selling directly present a lucrative opportunity for the e-commerce marketers to expand their business in 2016. Marketplace allows a retailer to sell their products to vendors like Tradescraper and Amazon Business. On the other hand, direct selling through websites will continue to remain the top priority of the sellers.

A mix of the three factors mentioned above will shape up the 2016 e-commerce industry. With the emergence in technology, some more trends will also be added in the near future. It is imperative to keep all these factors into account while planning for the sales strategy of e-commerce.

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